Disposable e-Cigarettes UK Style

Disposable E-Cigarettes

It’s been a while since I’ve tried the smaller “anolog” e-cigarettes, let alone three disposable e-cigarettes. Do I think disposables have a place in the vapers world? You bet ya!

Disposable e-cigarettes are a great way to get your feet wet for the very first time without spending much. Or you find yourself out, without your trusty mod by your side. Just maybe, your’re a “social” e-smoker…looking for an inexpensive device that will get you through the night.

That’s when disposable e-cigarettes may be just the ticket.

The three samples of disposable e-cigarettes I vaped come straight from the UK. I think only one can be found Stateside (Vype). That’s not going to stop me from checking their performance, though.

So how do the three disposable e-cigarettes compare to one another?

The three disposable e-cigarettes in question:

  • Vype
  • Westons
  • VIP Uno

The Three Amigos?

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Westons, Vype, VIP Uno

From the Suppliers


A rich, classic flavoured disposable electronic cigarette.

Vype Red is a lightweight, realistic looking e-cigarette with a soft-tip and LED light which glows a soft red when inhaling.

Vype contains ECOpure e-liquid, one of the cleanest and purest e-liquids available. Manufactured in the UK, you can trust ECOpure e-liquid to deliver quality and taste.

The length of time you can enjoy the satisfying Vype taste will depend on your personal vyping behaviour. However as an indication a Vype disposable electronic cigarette delivers approximately 130 puffs in laboratory testing.


The Westons disposable electronic cigarette looks and tastes just great.

Realistic – our disposable e cig looks just like a normal cigarette, albeit with a signature LED on the end
Powerful – the industry busting 240 mah battery is capable of making up to 300 draws
Available in our most popular strength at 1.8% (16mg nicotine). Also available in Tobacco flavour.
The e cigarette is supplied in a box to keep it safe between each use which is slightly taller than a standard packet of 10 ciggies and comes with a rubber bung to help extend the freshness.

Each electronic cigarette delivers between 25 and 30 traditional cigarette equivalents (depending on your individual smoking style – literally how hard you drag!


Comes in High/Medium 24mg nicotine level
Ready to Smoke
Red tipped LED light illuminates when you draw on the cigarette
Ecigarette requires no assembly

A Little Background on my Vaping
I admit, I’m a heavy vaper, and my personal choice is primarily variable voltage devices. I have used analog types, disposable e-cigarettes, and various PV mods. I prefer tanks topping my (mostly 18650) mods, for convenience sake. That’s not to say I’m not open to anything that works.

How I Vaped the three disposable e-cigarettes
I basically sat down, and commenced to alternatively smoke the three disposables while watching some TV, until they died. I started at 11:00 PM, and smoked until 2:59 AM…which is when the last one died.

What I Think of the Vype Disposable

Vype Disposable eCig

  • Vapor – Vapor production was mediocre. Nothing to brag about, while nothing negative to really say. It pretty much delivered like any other disposable does.
  • Draw – The Vype had the tightest draw of the three…I felt like I was trying to drink a milkshake through a straw that was too small.
  • Flavor – How do I say this…it was non-existent. I really could not discern any flavor, whatsoever. It reminded me of “air”.
  • Throat Hit – Throat hit of the Vype was doable in a pinch. Satisfying? No, not really…but if its all I had, I’d take it and be happy.
  • Battery Life – The battery cut out first, at 2:23 AM. A full 28 minutes before the runner up, and 36 minutes prior to the winner, (in this category).
  • Packaging – The first thing that caught my attention of the Vype was the packaging. The single disposable arrived nestled in a plastic case with a flip-up top. There are areas for two e-cigs, yet it only comes packaged with one. A little over the top? Don’t know, but the case itself can be saved and used if you have other analog type ecigs.

What I Think of the Westons e-Cigarette

Westons Disposable eCig

  • Vapor – I felt vapor production was lacking, and inconsistent. Even as an emergency backup, it didn’t cut the mustard, so to speak.
  • Draw – The draw on the Weston disposable was very airy, and light. No matter what I did, it just seemed like I wasn’t getting enough. I found myself “gasping”, like a fish out of water. Some like an airy draw…I do not.
  • Flavor – How do I say this…muh! Flavor just didn’t do anything for me. In fact, the only thing that comes to mind, is “burnt” or “ashy” tasting.
  • Throat Hit – Once again, the Westons disposable failed miserably…for me, as there really wasn’t any perceivable.
  • Battery Life – The Westons had the larger battery of the three, so I was pretty confident it would come out on top in this area. It did..but only by eight minutes more than the runner up. It died at 2:59 AM.
  • Packaging – The Weston is packaged in a cardboard box nestled in a plastic insert, with a flip-up top. It was secure on arrival.

What I Think of the VIP Uno e-Cig

VIP Uno Disposable eCig

  • Vapor – The VIP Uno really surprised me. Vapor production was full and satisfying…especially considering this is a disposable.
  • Draw – Once again, I was in for a surprise. The draw seemed just right for me. I didn’t have to struggle (like the Vype), and didn’t find myself gasping for more (like the Westons). The VIP’s draw felt the most natural, in my opinion.
  • Flavor – My VIP Uno came with what they call, “USA Tobacco”. To be honest, I felt it was the most realistic flavored out of any analog I had tried in the past. I really enjoyed it. Not burnt tasting, not sweet, just smooth.
  • Throat Hit – For a disposable analog, the throat hit was awesome. It just felt “right”.
  • Battery Life – Now we come to the VIP Uno’s shortcoming…not a surprise by any means, but I really was hoping I would be wrong. I found myself rooting for the Uno to last longer than expected…alas, it was not in the cards. Battery cut off at 2:51 AM.
  • Packaging – Much like the Westons, the VIP Uno is packaged in a cardboard box with a flip-up top. It was secure on arrival.

How I Rated the three disposable e-cigarettes

 WestonsVip UnoVype
Vapor Amount132
Draw (Inhale)132
Throat Hit132
Price (British Pounds)6.996.996.99

The Good
VIP Uno – The clear winner out of the three disposable e-cigarettes for me. By far, the Uno impressed me, and is a top choice.

The Bad
Vype – Just didn’t do it for me. I felt like I was let down, as my expectations far exceeded the Vype hype. The packaging was top notch, but the VIP takes it in all areas for me.

The Ugly
Westons – For me the Westons just didn’t match the previous two in flavor, or vapor production. It did manage to have the longest battery life, though.

Disclosure: The Electric Tabacconist sent the three disposable e-cigarettes to me for evaluation and review. You can view my full disclosure here.

Bottom Line: Out of the three disposable e-cigarettes, I preferred the VIP Uno, followed by the Vype, and than the Westons. For my tastes, and vaping the VIP gave me more than I expected. That’s not to say the other two are bad. All three would be great alternatives to tobacco, and as a go to while out.

Website: Electric Tabacconist Disposable E-Cigs

Do you have a favorite disposable e-cigarette? Let us know!