V2 Cigs Starter Kit Review

V2 Cigs Review

I get a chance to review the Ultimate Starter Kit from V2 Cigs. It’s been quite a while since I’ve used analog e-cigarettes, so when the opportunity to try this particular brand presented itself, I was excited and apprehensive. I actually quit smoking a couple years ago with a similar “analog” style electronic cigarette, so I was curious how the V2 line would compare.

Starter Kits Offered From V2 Cigs

Kit ContentsV2 Beginners KitV2 Standard KitV2 Standard Plus KitV2 Couples KitV2 Ultimate Kit
Flavored Cartomizers610102025
Wall Adapters01121
Smart Chargers01121
Car Adapter00001
Portable Charging Case00100
Portable Charging Case XL00001
Metal Carry Case00001
Power E-Cig / USB00001
Express Chargers10000

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What I think of the V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit

V2 Cigs Starter Kit Review

Contents of the Ultimate Starter Kit from V2 Cigs.

I received the Ultimate Kit, and it felt like I was unwrapping a Christmas present. This is by far the most comprehensive electronic cigarette kit I have had. In addition to the contents, I received a coupon for 15% discount towards cartomizers and accessories.

V2 Cigs offers a lifetime warranty on their electronics to be “free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the full life of the product”, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

V2 Cigs Batteries

V2 Cigs Batteries

Yes, these little cigalike batteries output a true 4.2 volts, as measured.

The big surprise for me were the batteries from V2. I received two automatics (79mm & 110mm), and one manual (79mm). Threading is KR808, with output voltage of 4.2V regulated. The 110mm battery is rated at 380mAh, while the 79mm’s are rated at 250mAh.

The batteries from V2 Cigs are sealed, even the automatics. All batteries had the familiar glowing end (blue) when you take a draw, and would flash when requiring a recharge.

Vaping with the smaller, 79mm battery, I was averaging a little over three hours. With the larger, 110mm battery, I was averaging around 4.5 hours vape time before requiring a charge.

With any system, I have grown to prefer manual batteries over automatic.

V2 Cigs Power E-Cig or USB Pass-through

V2 Cigs Power E-Cig

Dedicated USB pass-through for all day vaping at the computer

The Ultimate Kit included a USB pass-through, or “Power E-Cig” as V2 calls it, with a generous amount of cable. Approximately 3.5 feet of uncoiled cable with an additional 3 feet of coiled cable. This proved plenty good for vaping while at the desk.

V2 Cigs Cartomizers or Cartridges

V2 Cigs Cartomizers or Cartridges

Sealed cartomizers bring freshness to the table

I’m not going to discuss flavor much, as this is an area that is largely based on personal taste. The Ultimate Kit includes 25 assorted cartomizers of your choosing in five nicotine strengths of 0, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, and 2.4%.

Flavors Available:

  • V2 Red (American Tobacco)
  • Sahara (Turkish Tobacco)
  • Congress (Refined Tobacco)
  • Menthol (Refreshing Mint)
  • Peppermint (Sweet Mint)
  • Mint Tea (Green Tea Menthol)
  • Cherry
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • V2 Cola

I received a five pack each of V2 Red, Congress, Methol, Mint Tea, and Vanilla at 1.2% nicotine strength. The cartridges are color coded and labeled with the flavor and nicotine strength for easy identification. V2 Cigs also offers blank cartomizers and e-liquid for DIY.

I will say that out of the five flavors, I preferred the Mint Tea the most. The V2 Red tasted just like all the other cigalike starter kits…not good for my taste.

Packaging of the cartomizers from V2 Cigs is impressive. I am unable to recall EVER receiving cartomizers that were foil wrapped, ensuring freshness of the e-liquid without it drying out over time. Big plus!

Vapor production these cartomizers produced when mated to the V2 batteries is impressive as well. By far, the best cigalike starter kit I have tried to date.

I personally measured the Ohms of my cartomizers at 2.6 to 2.9 Ohms. So I was basically vaping at approximately 6.1 – 6.8 Watts of power with the V2 Cigs. Big plus, for a small analog e-cigarette.

Refill V2 Cigs Cartridge

You can even refill your cartomizers!

Once the cartomizer runs dry, you are able to remove the top plug, and refill with e-liquid of your choice. It was a “little” more difficult than I am accustomed, but is very manageable.

V2 Cigs E-Liquid Lab Reports

V2 Cigs E-Liquid Lab Reports

Lab reports on the e-liquid you have are easily obtainable

This is a first for me. I regularly order e-liquid from many big names, and this is the first time I have been able to actually see a report of the exact batch of e-liquid I’m inhaling. V2 Cigs makes it easy to instantly view and download your e-liquid lab report in PDF format.

On the side of every box of cartomizers is a “Best Before” date, along with the “Batch Number”.

To view the report on my box of cartomizers:

  1. Go to the V2 Cigs Website.
  2. Scroll down to the “E-Liquid Test Results” box (this will be on the right side of the page).
  3. Enter the code “VSAV” and click “Submit”.
  4. Click the “Mint Tea” link (the flavor).
  5. Click the “12” link (the nicotine strength).
  6. Click the “View PDF” link.

Now you are viewing the lab report on the e-liquid used in my cartomizers.

V2 Cigs Chargers

V2 Cigs Chargers

A charger for any occasion

Included with the Ultimate Kit from V2, is a charging system. Based on USB connections and adapters, you are given the ability to charge from just about any location. Whether from your computer, wall socket, or auto, you’re covered.

Charging V2 E-Cigarette Batteries

Charging V2 E-Cigarette Batteries

V2 Cigs makes it very easy to know whether your battery is fully charged or not with their red and blue indication lights.

V2 Cigs Charging Case

V2 Cigs Charging Case

Battery in the charging position

I really like the charging case that is included with the Ultimate Kit. Measuring approximately 5.25 inch long by 2.5 inch wide and only 0.7 inch deep, this is a very convenient way to charge your batteries while out.

The charging case provides a means to carry an extra battery, and a means to charge a battery when depleted. V2 Cigs rates this as being able to charge a total of four times before having to recharge the case itself. I found that I was able to get up to eight complete charges before it was depleted.

It took approximately 2.0 hours to fully charge the smaller 79mm batteries, while the 110mm batteries required an additional .5 hours to fully charge.

V2 Cigs Case Charging

Take extra batteries with you and charge on the fly

To operate, just screw your battery in, close the cover, and press the button on the back for three seconds. You will than be presented with a series of red and blue indication lights that tell you the charge of the case, and the charge of your battery.

V2 Cigs Accessories

V2 Cigs Lanyard

Electronic cigarette lanyard for on the go

The Ultimate Kit from V2 Cigs included a couple accessories as well. An e-cig lanyard and a battery case, for on the go convenience. The carry case has room for seven cartomizers, or one long and two short batteries, or a combination. The carry case resembles the mobile charger, but is almost an inch shorter in length.

V2 Cigs Carry Case

Electronic cigarette carry case for on the go

Having the mobile charger case, I really didn’t use the included carry case…at all.

The Good

  • Contents – The Ultimate Kit has everything you need to start with e-cigarettes right out of the box. This is a well thought out, designed kit.
  • Scale-ability – V2 e-liquid and blank cartomizers make the transition to DIY effortlessly.
  • Battery Performance – Big surprise for me, these little batteries have a big kick.
  • Vapor Production – Large amount of vapor, especially considering coming from such a small package.
  • Warranty – Every electrical component from V2 comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Cartomizers – Foil sealed for freshness, plus lab reports on your e-liquid are easily retrieved.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with your starter kit, V2 Cigs makes it easy to return for refund.

The Bad

  • Nothing

The Ugly

  • This kit didn’t exist when I first started with E-Cigarettes.

Final notes on the ultimate starter kit from V2 Cigs
This is a well thought out, and comprehensive starter kit. Everything you would need to get started with electronic cigarettes is included. Battery performance, and vapor production are definitely top notch, especially for a small, cigalike e-cig.

Although I am a regular user of rebuild-able atty’s, tanks, and variable voltage devices, I love the fact that I have a satisfying option in a discreet, trouble free package with the V2 line of e-cigs.

Website: V2 Cigs

View the entire line V2 Cigs starter kits. Kits start at $34.95 and ship worldwide. Use coupon code tucvape to save 10% on all V2 Cigs starter kits, cartridges, and accessories.

Bottom Line: The V2 electronic cigarettes deliver. This is a smart choice as a first time starter kit, or something to have when your larger PV mods would be inconvenient.

If you’re considering a first time starter kit, I highly recommend V2 Cigs. You receive quality, performance, and the assurance that you will be taken care of should you experience equipment failure.

Two thumbs up for the V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes!

Disclosure: V2 Cigs sent this starter kit to me for evaluation and review. You can view my full disclosure here.